Called to Flourish

Called to Flourish

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"My People will dwell again in the safety of my shade. They will flourish like the grain. They will bloom like the vine."  Hosea 14:7


The Purpose of "Called to Flourish"

Many Church Leaders feel worn out by the many pressures and challenges of leading a congregation. Often times, Church Leaders forget to take care of their own wellbeing because they are preoccupied tending to the needs of their church. The goal of "Called to Flourish" is to give Church Leaders a day of solace where they can hear from top health and leadership speakers and be infused with spiritual strength.

What Do We Mean by a Church Leader?

The Church Leader group includes pastors, chaplains, priests, elders, deacons, VBS organizers, Sunday or Sabbath school teachers, health ministry activists, and many more. This event is not just for the pastors. Rather, it is for anyone who is interested in leading their congregation in the mission of Christ and blessing their community.

Event Information and Promotions

When October 10th, 2014
Time To Be Determined
Location To Be Determined



Our aim is simple: Your Health Budding... Your Congregation Thriving... Your Community Flourishing.

The tools that our speakers utilize and the backgrounds that they come from are varied. This heterogeneous group will, metaphorically speaking, construct a mosaic, each adding a different variant of glass that culminates in a wholistic depection of what it means to flourish. Here are some of the pieces that form the whole:

Science and Scripture
  • Discover scientifically validated principles for wholistic health and wellness grounded in Biblical teachings
Service and Integrity
  • Supercharge your leadership skills in order to better serve your congregation
Wellbeing and Empowerment
  • Realize that a healthy Church Leader is better equipped to meet the spiritual needs of his church
Catalyst and Reaction
  • See how your personal health can cause a ripple effect that enriches your own congregation and then as a result, blesses the entire community



Hosted by Florida Hospital's Clinical Pastoral Education and Healthy 100 Church Ministry